Le Jules Verne Restaurant, Paris

1126Boasting the best views over Paris, Jules Verne is an iconic high end restaurant located at the top of the Eiffel Tower. The restaurant is named after the French writer Jules Verne who was the pioneer of science fiction. He wrote such famous novel as, “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea” and “The Journey to the Center of the Earth.”

1129The restaurant’s interior has many intriguing design elements that takes the words of Jules Verne and transform them  into Interior Design. The new age linear design pairs well with the structural elements of the Eiffel Tower that you can see while seated in the restaurant. 1128The space offers a strange mix of futuristic and organic design. The pattern found on the ceiling and plates seems to reference the molecular structure of elements. 11301131 The out of-of-the-box design continues to the smallest details like the simple linear silverware, custom made in Portugal for the restaurant. 1137The color of the space is limited to accents of golds and pinks. Golden hues are found on the leather dining chairs and the glow from the light placed on each table which seems to represent protoplasm. 1135The base of the glasses on each table are a soft pink hue and the simple “J/” that is the Jules Verne logo also is in a soft shade of pink. 1145Unlike the commonly used concept of the “open kitchen”, where diners can view their food being prepared while sitting at the table, Jules Verne gives a glimpse of the kitchen activities through a large window as you are leaving the restaurant. Getting to see the people who just prepared my amazing meal through the window was a rather unexpected touch. They move through the kitchen with such precision that it looks almost like a choreographed dance. 1144

Jules Verne is very intriguing space with 360o views of Paris and an inspired science fiction inspired interior that left me feeling satisfied with exquisite food and design.



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  1. Good info. Lucky me I ran across your blog by accident (stumbleupon).
    I’ve bookmarked it for later!

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