London Calling – Travel Entry #5

One of the most breathtaking and beautiful accessories I saw while visiting the Maison & Objet show last week in Paris were  colored vases and bowls that were cut in such a manner that they made dynamic and illuminating patterns on and around any nearby surface.  Some of the pieces I saw sparkled so brilliantly that I could have sworn they were gemstones.  The colors were fantastic and I adored them for their beauty and purpose.

To my amazement, as I moved onto London earlier this week, and continued to tour multiple stops around the city, including a museum or two, I came across a display that essentially mirrored the pieces I had seen the week before in Paris.  On display in London, an ancient, incrusted bowl, and right next to it,  a modern-day re-creation of what the piece would have looked like when it was newly minted–thousands of years ago–before it became a victim of time.  The craftmanship on the replica gave me a good idea of how the piece would have appeared in the home of someone who lived in ancient times.  All I could image was how treasured and admired such a piece much have been to its owner.

Having seen the beautiful glass in Paris, and now standing in front of this display in London, reminded me of the old adage: everything old is new again.  And of course it proves to all you pack rats out there that if you hold onto something long enough, in this case thousands of years, you are likely to see it come back into vogue like the pieces seen in the picture below. 


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