An Interior Designer in Paris – Travel Entry #3

Direct from the floor of Maison & Objet show in Paris, this silk worm cocoon shade was divine.

There is something apropos about shopping for lightning while visiting the “City of Lights.” My experience at the Maison & Objet show in Paris continued to excite and delight me as I discovered one section of the show that was completely dedicated to lighting. As even the do-it-yourself designer knows, lighting is extremely important to any room–it not only serves a functional purpose by supplying the light we need to see, but it also plays a pivotal role in setting the mood in any room. Lighting can make a room feel warm and cozy or bright and expansive.

I could get lost (and did) in all the beautiful lighting installations I saw while exploring the trade floor of Maison & Objet. Like the “Ethnic Chic” section I wrote about earlier this week, I found the lighting section truly illuminating. Wandering through this area gave me plenty of ideas to bring back stateside with me. There were so many different, dreamy variations of illuminations that I wanted to be sure and share some pictures here.

I desperately wanted to go up and run my fingers through this heavenly looking sheep's wool shade.

There was one booth, called Cocons de Soie, which displayed two fabulous examples of lights that do more than light a space they make it heavenly and airy. The silk worm lamp (seen at the beginning of this post) and a sheep’s wool lamp, seen here, were two of my favorites.

This beautiful floor lamp reminded me of a tree after an ice storm.

Additionally, I came across this fantastic floor lamp that reminded me of a beautiful tree after a wintry, ice storm.  I loved how the light reflected off the long hanging drops of crystal.



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3 responses to “An Interior Designer in Paris – Travel Entry #3

  1. Diane Plumlee

    Loving your posts Janice! These lights are fantastic!

    • Anonymous

      So glad you enjoyed the posts! I’m planning to continue to use the inspirational trip to Paris and London in the coming months. I’m Thinking about planning a small group trip for next January to see Paris and this show next year at this same time. Would you be interested in a design in Paris week? I was so thrilled by it all, I wanted to share it with others.

  2. Hi I just wanting to know where I can buy that floor tree lampthat reminded you of winter time. The floor tree lamp with crystal. I really love that lamp.

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