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The San Francisco Fall Antique Show – A Don’t Miss in Northern California

Each year when summer turns to autumn the design community in Northern California is a buzz because it’s time for some of the top antique dealers from across the country to gather by the bay for the San Francisco Fall Antique Show.

It is an event not to be missed and I encourage you to attend next year’s show at Fort Mason (on the Embarcadero).  Aside from looking for items to purchase, one of the benefits of attending this annual event is experiencing and educating yourself about the hundreds of authentic pieces you will see from the past.  Though not everyone can afford this level of collecting, studying the real thing brings an appreciation and an eye for quality that can only be cultivated by such exposure.

From traditional folk art and antique wicker to furniture from the 17th and 18th centuries and 20th century Danish design, there were so many fabulous items to see including this amazing display of Americana.

We spent the day exploring a plethora of wonderful pieces.  And we spoke to several knowledgeable dealers who shared stories about their items and many of them provided a history lesson on how and where some of the items were used.

I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the history of the items and I saw how the meaning we attach to designs and motifs is not only repeated over and over again throughout time and across cultures, but how it is reinterpreted and applied to modern-day home furnishings.

Here are some noteworthy treasures from my visit.  Can you see how these influence tastes and trends in design today?

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