One of my favorite quotes about interior design is from renowned designer John Saladino who said, “In choosing colors…follow nature’s lead.” He couldn’t be more right and to his thought I would add, “and remember to gain inspiration from your surroundings.”

Before embarking on a design project, either on your own, or with an interior designer, I suggest taking your camera, a pencil, and a piece of paper along with you as you move through your daily life.  Even when doing the most mundane tasks take pictures of things that inspire you, write down colors you love, take notes when you see items you like and want.  Snap away with the camera.  Don’t worry about your picture taking abilities or be too focused on taking pictures of only items you would find in the room you are designing, your pictures can and should be of anything and everything:  clothes, signs, food, architectural items, whatever piques your interest and helps create an idea for the type of room or home you want.

I do this often, but my most recent inspiration day was during a trip to New York City.  While there I visited several different neighborhoods and took pictures of anything I liked.  In doing this I gained insight into the latest design trends, saw beautiful and inspiring pieces of “art” and was able to more fully appearance the visual feast that makes up any urban area, but seems to be especially true of New York.

Included in this post are some of the pictures that I took while wandering the city.  I thought you might like to see what inspires this interior designer.

As you can see, I took pictures of everything from the colorful tablecloths at an outside eatery in the Flatiron District to some great, colorful, modern murals that don the windows of the “soon-to-open” Marimekko shop in SoHo. I also snapped some photos at the Chelsea Food Market where I saw one of the most beautiful displays of spices (the colors were amazing) and a bountiful display of pumpkins, gourds and squash.


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